Parent Reviews

Patricia Gonzalez

I have been sending my kids to Madalyn's since my daughter was 7 weeks old. She is going to be 3 in 2 months. My daughter loves Madalyn's. I kept her home due to the pandemic for a few months but she was bored and it was challenging working from home and give her the attention she deserves so she came back recently. This kid comes home telling me she loves her friends & her teacher daily. She comes home with artwork every week. I also get photos in the app from the school on a daily of her doing her arts & crafts. We also get updates when they eat, are changed & notified of nap times.

I also sent my older children to the summer program and they had a blast. They were 12, 6 & 5 at the time. Field trips were always great! My kids still ask to come with me to say hi to teachers & are happy to see everyone.

Mrs. J runs a tight ship & has made some very wonderful updates as the years have passed. As a single mother that is trying to further her career, I feel comfortable being able to leave my kids in good hands while I do so. I appreciate Mrs. J & her staff more then they know & would recommend people try it out before they make their minds up.

Da'Naysia James

My son started at Madalyn’s House in September and honestly I am sad he didn’t start sooner! Absolutely love the curriculum, the activities and daily reports and pictures sent directly to me. His teachers are awesome, he continues to learn so much everyday. My son is doing much better with using the potty and showing more independence in the house that I haven’t seen before enrolling him. I love the atmosphere, the positivity, and commitment you all put in all the kiddos. I am truly thankful.

Daily With Lexiee

Love this childcare facility. I have three children and they also love it here. My two youngest kids have learned so much, there speak has improved, there learning how to express there feeling, they know there alphabet and numbers, and my baby boy is doing well with his potty training. Great School!

Play time with Rae

My kids have been in Madalyn's House for three years, and soon our newest edition will be enrolled there as well. I trust the staff completely with their safety and well being. The center has always felt like an extended family. If there are any issues or concerns, I always feel like I can talk openly with them. My daughter's love the center, teachers and friends they have made. I am thankful I for the whole Madalyn's House team.

Maya Butts

My kids LOVE This place. Friendly staff and filled with Wonderful and positive energy. Highly recommend it! 5 stars!

Chelsea Perry

Love love love this daycare. They have truly taken care of my babies and provided amazing care through this pandemic. 🙌🏼

sasha rogers

My one year old daughter has been there for a month very flexible with our and communication between parents and teachers are great

Jacqueline Bryant

This place is a complete SCAM. I paid for 2 months in advance, everyday the owner would call and say she could not afford to keep the daycare open late for my child and another. I thought it was 24hrs at least that is what I was told. Literally having to deal with a lawyer to receive my money back. I have bank statements and a receipt for proof. BEWARE

Victoria Reeves

Greatest daycare I’ve ever had my daughter enrolled in. She loves it, and I can tell she learns something new everyday.

Marquisia Brown

If you are 8n the Cobb county area looming for a daycare, this one comes highly recommended. I had to take my son out due to my job location but this daycare would still be my first choice. You won't be dissappointed!!!

taijonee magee

Great place for babies, toddlers and kids!!
Very clean and professional atmosphere.
If you want your child to learn this is definitely the place for him/her to be..
If you’re looking for a place that’ll be like home away from home for your child this is the place..
My baby is almost two and have been attending this daycare for almost a year now and when I tell you she never wants to leave that melts my heart and speaks in volumes because that means to me that she is very happy there!!!
As for the staff they’re professional and treat your children as if he/she is one of their own and this also means a lot to me because I feel my child is safe!!!
As for the owner she’s very straight forward and an all around amazing person!!
I am proud to say that my child will attend this daycare until it’s time for her to attend grade school...

Bel Kreyol

Madelyn's House is Home away from Home. I work a 12hrs shift and I don't know what I would do with my son without a daycare full of loving and caring staff. I am aware of every little things that's happening in the school. My biggest thing is that, the daycare is always smelling nice. I remember around Flu season the owner close the school to deep clean for a day to make sure all of our babies health were not threatened. 🤝🏾My son will rushed me in the morning so he won't miss breakfast. Academically I see huge improvement with my baby. I was praying for a good daycare and God blessed me with another home for my baby. Thank you Madelyn's House aka my family.
The Cherestal family is forever grateful.

Victoria Mitchell

My daughter has been going to Madelyn's House since last year and has been the best for me and my family. When I moved to Powder Springs I knew hands down I wanted my child to come here and it's such a beautiful center. The teachers and staff are definitely family and we love them. Highly recommend ♥️

Kristin Journigan

Love this daycare facility! Every staff member is genuinely nice & pleasant, always smiling, and they all greet you when you walk by. Spacious, clean daycare facility with learning things everywhere you look. It is also open 24-hours, which is greatly appreciated.

Hobart Hare

Awesome service, Great Staff and definitely somewhere I’m comfortable having my child attend. The owner is always pleasant and the staff really loves and treats all the kids with respect and love.

Lily McCurdy

Madalyn’s house has been great for our daughter. The teachers are hardworking and the staff truly cares about each child. My daughter is completely ready for kindergarten next year.

Melanie Moore

Awesome daycare. They're so great with my son. & I definitely love that it is 24hr. For a single mom with a late schedule Madalyn's House daycare was heaven sent.

danielle harrell

The teachers are very professional and show that they love their job and the children!!

Lashonda Westwood

My child attends M House and we are apart of their Sliding Scale Program. This program really helps me out because I have 3 children and paying for childcare is really hard as a single parents. The Director and staff are very helpful. Ms. Revonda is one of my kids teacher is she is AMAZING!

Sade Smith

My daughter goes there and she loves it there

Tabitha Simeus

This childcare center is a bright beautiful center for childcare. The students are happy and seem well cared for. It is a great place for childcare.

Camille Miles

I pride myself in being an over protective mother, so shopping around for a after school care program was a task. I did quite a bit of research in the local areas and read a lot of reviews.

I chose Madalyn’s House because of the reply from the reviews that were left on yelp addressing every concern either good or bad from the owner Mrs. Jay. She was forthcoming, honest and direct. She made it known that the safety of “her” children (our children) was the main priority. She offered solutions and made no excuses even if it was something simple as a missing blanket.

I decided to walk in to make a physical assessment before making my decision. I stopped a woman outside with her daughter and asked how did she like the place. She said she loved it with a smile and then introduced herself as The Mrs. Jay. She made me comfortable and confident by the way she looked me in my eyes and spoke about her business. I knew from there that I would place my only daughter in her care and the care of her staff.

All of my concerns has always been addressed with professionalism. My daughter loves it there and feels safe. And that is my ultimate goal for her.

Showanna Ferguson

Not only do my husband and myself love everything about Madalyn's house, our 2 year old daughter loves it as well. While doing tours of different daycares in the area, this is the one she got down and played right when we got there. She looks forward to going to "school" everyday! She loves her teacher and has learned soo much. Every week they have different things they focus on and that information is passed to the parents so we can reinforce it at home. Ms. Angie is amazing!!! She is not only educating my daughter but she is also helping with potty training. She is helping me learn how to potty train my daughter at home! We are looking forward to having our daughter learn and grow here.


My kids and I loved this daycare since they've been attending since September 2019!!! They're really convenient with my work schedule!

Georgia Garcia

I really love this place my daughter loves to came to school every morning she has a big smile and staff are very nice and whan my daughter gets sick they always check on her and see how she doing that means the world to me love you guys

Lex. Gabriellaaa

My babygirl has been going there almost a year now, she has grown so much since being in daycare. She is now 2 years old and loves all her teachers, she doesn’t cry anymore she goes straight to her teacher. That shows me they are good to my baby and they have good spirits. Madalyns house is respectful and always is communicating you are never clueless about anything. I think I’m going to forever stick to madalyns house for my babygirl don’t care how far I move. I don’t think I can ever find a better daycare for my babygirl.

Renee Burton

My son has been with the center since it's doors opened and I must say my baby has loved it there. He especially loves his Ms. Linda! She has always displayed a great attitude, been professional and a lot of fun for the kids and I certainly appreciate her!!! I appreciate Madalyn's House Childcare for taking such great care of my babies!!! 🙂

Violeta Lopez

My child had a great experience and a good school year at madalyns house

Chevelle Gore

Love the Madalyn's House team. 🖤


My son attended this daycare before we had to relocate out of state. If i could have pick this school up and taken it with me i would have. Ms. Jay and the staff was wonderful. Would recommend them to everyone. My son Gee and I miss them dearly.

Nesha Rae

This place is great from younger and older kids ! Everyone is cheerful and helpful

Jocelyn Miller

Wonderful facility with a very caring and compassionate staff.

Deja Johnson

I love this Daycare center. My son had literally got kicked out of 3 schools before he came to the house. Mrs.J always told me don’t worry we got him. And that’s exactly what she did made sure she had him, once he started there I didn’t have any issues, no phone calls, he actually waking up ready to go to school. From this day my kids loves the House!!

Mrs.J was immediately warm and welcoming inviting us in to see this small, "family feel" preschool. She is always open for conversation, empathetic, real, transparent and a parent herself. She employs a staff that also models those qualities. If we have ever had a concern about our boys.They are all there to assist, work with us and ultimately give love, patience, knowledge and kindness To our boys!!