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Preschool & Daycare Center Serving Kennesaw, GA

Yes! Saturday And Sunday Care Is Available By Appointment

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Freedom To Play In An Open Space Playground

Children have daily access to an open space playground that allows them to run, jump, and play freely without the distraction of bulky equipment. Outside time keeps them moving and lets them interact with friends.

Super Fun Classrooms For Learning And Play

Your child has the best child care experience available, with classrooms designed with them in mind. Classrooms are set up for ideal learning and exploring their environment – equipped with the resources they need.

Make The Perfect Choice In Care With A Center That Is NECPA Accredited

A NECPA Accreditation Means Top-Level Learning, Growth & Care

You feel confident you’ve made the perfect choice in care, thanks to programs with NECPA accreditation. Every day, expert teachers uphold national standards to ensure your child receives the highest quality guidance, learning, and education they deserve to thrive in their future schooling and career.

An Accessible Location That Is Close To It All

The center is conveniently located 5 minutes from Kennesaw State University, Town Center Mall, FED EX Distribution Center, Home Depot Call Center, and the Bank of America Call Center. Be close to several booming businesses.

Open 24 Hours Monday Through Friday And Saturday And Sunday By Appointment!

A 50 Car Parking Lot For Quick Drop-Off And Pick-Up

Never worry about parking as you drop off your little one and get them situated. The center has 50 parking spaces, so you can pick up and drop off without the hassle.

Security Features So Your Day Is Worry-Free

Worry-free care is priceless, and you can count on restricted entry access, fenced-in yards, and security cameras to keep your child safe. Add attentive, caring teachers to the mix for a super safe stay that gives you peace of mind.

Cameras In Every Class Provide Extra Safety

Have extra peace of mind when it comes to your child’s security. Closed-circuit security cameras allow us to monitor rooms at all times. Know your child is safe and sound throughout the day.

Air Purifiers Protect Your Child’s Health

Air purifiers filter the air in every classroom and serve as another way to protect your child’s health. Protect your child’s immune system so that germs and viruses don’t stand a chance.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 Weeks - 12 months


1 - 2 years


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4 - 5 Years


K - 5th Grade

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K - 5th Grade

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